Welcome, Let’s Walk Together

Mo in Kasbah Oudais, Rabat
Mo in Rabat

Hi there!

My name is Maureen Charlotte, but my friends call me Mo. You can also call me Mo because we are about to take a journey together, which I’m sure will leave us as friends.

My life changed when I took my first out-of-the country trip in December 2017. I had been battling with depression, contemplating ending it all even. But then I read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, and I said my very first YES. I said yes to visiting Ethiopia for 17days by road and my life has never been the same.

Mo with Teddy Daniels in Shashamane
Meeting Teddy Daniels in Shashamane

That first trip took me out of my element and showed me a whole different world. It’s like it breathed air into my lungs and I felt more alive than ever. I came back pumped and ready to see what more the world had to offer, if only I said yes.  And so I said yes to more travel.

Hassan Tower, Rabat

I set out to visit a new place each month of 2018, which I managed to some extent.  I visited local towns like Garissa, Kisumu, Meru and Lamu for the very first time. I went to Mwanza, Tanzania and even took my very first solo trip! I travelled solo to Morocco and explored that magnificent country for two weeks.

They say travelling makes you speechless and then turns you to a story teller, which is why I felt the need to have this space. A place where I can share my experiences as a Kenyan female traveller, share some tips as I learn them and also invite other travellers to share their stories. All in the hope to inspire you to go out and see the world.

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Medina is Arabic meaning city or town and Fes had the largest. Covering 250 hectares with 400 unmaned streets, you can be sure getting lost in not a hustle. I actually think that should be one of the things to do when you visit the medina😆😆 And when you do,be careful who you ask for direction. I heard some people direct you to the wrong street just for the fun of it.😾 #kenyanonthemove🇰🇪 #solofemaletravel #femaletraveler #borntotravel #travelaroundtheworld #traveltoexplore #blacktravelista #traveladdicted #exploreafrica #blackwomentraveltoo #travelphotography #travelnoire #travelmood #travelafrica #morocco_vacations #travellingtheworld #blacktravelgo #mytravelcrush #travelsolo #africantravelblogger

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This is a platform for you and I to share, learn, make mistakes and grow as we walk in this journey of life. Therefore dear reader, I invite you to tembea nami (walk with me), I welcome you to Tembea Na Mo.

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