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New Month, New Vibes

Happy new month lovelies! Can you believe it’s already 2 months down, 10 to go? Someone needs to press the pause button on 2020 coz it’s moving too fast. Anyway, how is your 2020 so far?

I was taking stock over the weekend, and while I still face a great deal of financial and technical challenges, I realized 2020 is going really really well. I think sometimes we dwell so much on our troubles that we forget to celebrate our wins and achievements. So this year, I am trying to exercise and habit of gratitude and intentionally celebrating even the smallest of wins.

Speaking of which, I crossed 100 YouTube Subscribers last week!! Yipee!!!

And I know someone is rolling their eyes saying, stop it Maureen! Guys out here have reached 100k Subs and here you are celebrating a triple-digit. To you I say, this is my journey and I am going to celebrate each and every part of it. And to the 100 people that have subscribed to be part of my adventures, I say WELCOME! And boy are ya’ll in for an epic ride.

So yeah, celebrating wins and also being real about my weaknesses is all I am about at this point. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in terms of career, financials, relationships that don’t make it to the Socials or this blog, which greatly affects my travels. And while I might not dive into the details, I will say that I have been having a hard time balancing all these areas of my life. But this is something I am going to work on this month. And now I’ll stop rambling and go straight to what I have planned for the month.

Content and Consistency

Consistency is one area that I know I’ve been failing horribly at, but I’m working on changing this in March. I even did the adult thing and set up a Content Calendar and Schedule ya’ll. I’m hoping by using these tools, I will do a better job of bringing you more timely content.

If you are a content creator and reading this, please share down below how you remain consistent. Any tips will be highly appreciated.


The month of March for me will mostly involve getting ready for our trip to Mount Kenya, next month. One more prep hike remains but we still need to do a lot of daily workouts and training to keep out bodies active and ready. I will also be going out to purchase gear sometime in the month.

You can expect a lot of content (vlogs, blog posts and social media posts) about the journey to #TembeaNaMoToMtKenya in the next few weeks, so make sure you are subscribed and look out for that. I’ll be sharing the prep hikes, training, and a gear guide and packing tips in this series, you don’t want to miss that.

Touch Ups

I’m also planning on doing a few touch-ups on the website; mainly I want to have a bi-monthly newsletter where I can engage one-on-one with the people that choose to subscribe. This is also a neat way to keep you updated on any upcoming trips or events, don’t you think? Tell me what you think.

31 days in the month, what are you planning to achieve this month? Whatever it is, I hope this TEDx Talk inspires you to break it down to small achievable tasks, work your way to achieving even the wildest of your dreams.

Again, happy new month and let’s OWN this month, shall we?

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  • Ess

    Hey Mo! I am literally hitting my forehead with every paragraph at this moment. Pretty amazing plans but the turn of events have clearly messed us up! I am clearly spendidng my Saturday binging on fellow content creators blogs. The way forward is creating timely content and this is a test to our creativity as creatives. We will get past this wave and wishing you all the very best. On consistency, there is no manual in this field but the key point is in being intentional and focused. Also, no pressure because this is what you love and it shouldn’t get so much in your head. Love is infectious. You will what you do, it will transfer to your consumers. Love always wins

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