10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Wanderlust Fire Burning When You are Not Travelling

It’s a Monday morning and you are on the road. The traffic is not moving and in 15 minutes, you will be late for work. The driver behind you keeps honking as if noise would make the cars in front move any faster.

You get a notification on your phone; it’s an Instagram notification of a new upload from your friend. She is on a Thai island, lying on the beach sipping a colorful cocktail while overlooking the crystal clear water. Damn! What you would do to be her right now! You wish you already have enough money to just go home, pack your bags and join her. But you know you have to exercise patience until that number in your bank account is enough to pay for your trip. So what do you do in the meantime, how do you keep that wanderlust flame burning? Here are ten tips that can help when you have a travel itch you can’t scratch.

1. Edit Photos and Videos of Your Past Trips

Nothing beats walking down memory lane like looking at old photos of you on a past trip. They remind you how you felt when vacationing and will definitely inspire you to save for your new adventure. You can make a photo album or edit videos to make a travel diary, which you can share with your family and friends.

2. Join Online Travel Communities

There are so many communities with special focus that you can join. For instance, Solo Female travel is a group on Facebook with female travellers sharing their experiences. You can help a member who is looking to visit a place you’ve already been or get answers for any questions you might have for your next destination. 

3. Meet up With Other Travelers.

This is a good way to catch up and also exchange ideas. You can relive your trips when you share your experiences and learn from others too.

4. Listen To Travel Podcasts

This is a fun way to learn on the go about a new place even before you visit. You can listen to interviews of other travellers, learn travel hacks that you could use on your future trips and also keep you motivated to go out and explore the world

5. Watch Movies

Watch Eat Pray Love and experience a slice of Italy and Bali. Let Leonardo DiCaprio inspire you to add Thailand to your bucket list by watching The Beach. Reese Witherspoon will make you want to take a soul searching trail hike after you watch Wild. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive list of movies that can inspire you to travel more.

6. Watch Travel Vlogs

The number of people posting their travel video documentation  online keeps growing as more and more people travel. If you are dreaming of visiting a place, chances are that someone has already been there. These videos are very informative on on-ground experience and can help you better prepare.

7. Read Travel Blogs

This could from other travellers in your country or from any part of the world. How to save and budget for trips, how to travel for cheap, places to visit in a certain place, these are things you can learn from someone who has had first-hand experience.

8. Read Books and Tour Guides

If you want information about a place especially from an observer’s point of view, this is the best way to get it. There are travel guides for almost all major cities available now, which can help you plan your trip accordingly.

9. Create Travel Boards on Pinterest

If you are looking for travel inspiration, Pinterest is the best social platform to use.  With more than 250 million users, you can be sure to get valuable information here. You pin blogs with insightful information and also arrange them in Pinterest boards according to destinations.

10. Plan Your Next Trip

Research destinations, explore activities and sights to visit, make an itinerary, learn the language, and write down your packing list.

All these things will make you dreaming of your next destination until you finally visit the place. What other ways do you think I’ve left out?

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